Why Choose iNtouch Surgical Glove?

When your hands check the condition of the patient, perform surgery or do laboratory tests, you will be happy to know that your hand is well protected.

With iNtouch, you can ensure your hands get exceptional protection, comfort and agility - anything you need in a surgical glove that gives you confidence and calm when you're on the job.

In each of the gloves we design, we focus on important areas that will give you a pleasant sensation when using our surgical gloves on a long and defeated day. We want to ensure that your hands are well protected and well-maintained as the treatment you provide in a medical environment, using the right to execute your everyday task with confidence.

INtouch is known to have superior qualities. In every batch of surgical glove production, we always do many times quality checks, this is to ensure only the best and best surgical gloves reach you.

Each iNtouch surgical glove is manufactured under a strict quality control system - ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003, US FDA QSR, and CE certified with a notified body number of 0086

INtouch recognizes the importance of protection that covers your hands in the process of surgery and other medical purposes. That is why all iNtouch premium surgical glove products have been 100% tested by inserting air into the glove to see if there is a leak in the glove before the glove is packed and marketed. Our staff have been trained to quickly see and check for imperfect gloves. Therefore, we can make sure that only the best gloves will wear.

All of our premium surgical gloves are ready to be marketed with 0.65 AQL points which is the highest standard to guarantee leakage in our products.

Surgical surgical gloves when hand slightly wet (damp donning). According to a 76% survey it is very easy to wear when hands are dry, while only 39% are easy to wear when our hands are slightly wet or sweaty.

The iNtouch damp donning surgical glove is coated by a special polymer on the inside. This particular polymer coating the inside of the glove provides durability and is easy to wear when the skin is slightly wet or not too dry. This is what makes iNtouch capable of providing a soft sensation when using it.

Endotoxin is a form of toxin released by bacterial cells when the bacteria die, which could lead to postoperative complications. There is a misunderstanding between the gloves being disetrilkan and not, is it safe to overcome the infection. An important fact to note is the environment in which gloves are produced that play an important role in ensuring that the gloves contain a small amount of bacteria that after sterilization becomes low in endotoxin content.

INtouch is proudly continuing to hold a record below 90% for European Standard endotoxin levels. We have our own microbiology laboratory to monitor the environment from the production stage to the packaging stage to ensure acceptable bacterial counts. With this tight control we can ensure that iNtouch is low in endotoxin content and makes our surgical gloves safer to use to prevent postoperative complications.

Strong Reliable Seal And Material

Protect and ensure the product remains sterile under various conditions

Excellent Resistance to Bacteria

High quality materials and designs that prevent bacterial contamination

Easy to Handle

The packaging is clean and protected from aseptic material

INtouch stands at the forefront of product innovation. We continue to drive new product development, solutions and concepts to improve performance, promote additional benefits and increase reliability. Demand from the healthcare industry is shifting rapidly and we are driving in this direction.

The iNtouch packaging brings a new perspective for health needs in improving product quality and consistency and adding more profitable features.

On each iNtouch product, we see quality from every angle in terms of functionality, security, purity, formulation, consistency, manufacturing, customer service, technical support and more to ensure consistency of our product users' satisfaction.

Quality means a high level of excellence in iNtouch products. We take great pride in instilling an international quality management system in the design and development of every product we deliver to the users.

We aim to be your most reliable business partner in every aspect of interaction: from quality products to timely delivery, insightful marketing assistance, positive relationships, technical solutions and consulting.