The iNtouch Spot damp donning powder-free surgical gloves are specially designed to enhance double gloving practices in the healthcare industry. The donning surface of the gloves is innovatively designed with a proprietary blend of polymer coatings to enable effortless damp and dry hand donning, while the working surface of the glove is lightly treated to provide a smoother feel on the surface to enable easy donning of the outer glove – resulting in a perfect double gloving experience every time.

The iNtouch Spot damp donning powder-free surgical gloves are designer 12% thinner than the standard surgical gloves in order to promote better tactile sensitivity for unsurpassed dexterity and comfort during double gloving practices.

Glove Information/ Features

  • Dark Blue Color
  • Optimal Protection – special thickness profile to promote maximum tactile sensitivity and comfort during double-gloving
  • Powder-Free with a unique blend of polymer coatings to provide excellent dry and damp hand donning capabilities
  • Long Cuff for better coverage (Min. 290mm)
  • Complementary Inner and Outer Surface for exceptional double gloving experience
  • Available in Smooth & Strong Grip for instrument handling
  • Formulated Softer to provide comfort and reduce hand fatigue over prolonged use
  • Optimum Thickness Distribution for excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Hand Specific with Curved Fingers design for better dexterity and comfort
  • Beaded cuff design to don gloves efficiently and securely
  • Tacky Band at cuff end to hold gloves securely over gown
  • Low Protein and Undetectable Chemical Residue to minimize Type I / IV hypersensitivities
  • Suitable for all types of general surgeries, orthopedic and high risk surgeries (double-gloving)
  • Biocompatibility Tested (ISO 10993)
  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation (ISO 11137)

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